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They fight, we write...

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Penned Down offers you the ability to deliver a hand-crafted, hand-calligraphed, custom post card, letter or other piece of correspondence containing a heartfelt message of your choosing to the service member(s) in your life who currently serves our country wherever/whenever they are in their career. Whether they are just starting basic training,  deployed overseas, about to retire, or are a veteran of the military, there's still nothing in the world like a hand-written or crafted piece of mail. Your troop will love it. Trust us, we're veterans! We know!

We also create hand-made decorative calligraphy pieces for your home, office, or to keep as a family heirloom such as excerpts from the U.S. constitution, Declaration of Independence, famous patriotic speeches, Bible verses or prayers, family mottos, etc. If you don't see what you're looking for in our shop, email us and make a request at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com 

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You choose your mail type (post card and design, letter, or other custom request), type in your message, select a few options, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll work as quickly as we can to get your service member their mail as soon as possible. Once we've finished creating your piece of mail and preparing it, we can either send it directly to your service member or we can send it back to you if you prefer. No matter what, we want you to have a beautifully hand-crafted memento for your loved one to hold onto.

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The calligrapher will receive your order via email as soon as it is placed and will begin work on your requested piece(s) of mail immediately. Once finished (normally takes between 1-5 business days), the item(s) takes about as long as a normal piece of mail to arrive if mailed within the continental U.S. If going overseas, the mail takes roughly two to three weeks to arrive. 

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So What Can I send?

Click the Envelope to see what types of mail you can send to your troop!

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*Stay tuned for more designs and items in the future!*

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Mail has been around for a long time. So has the military. We at Penned Down really like when the two combine. As a veteran-operated company, we understand how uplifting and encouraging it can be for any service member to receive virtually any piece of mail when they're deployed overseas, in a training environment, or serving at home. Honestly, it doesn't matter what's going on, getting mail in the military is awesome! 

Our goal is to provide your service member a hand-calligraphed, traditional, custom piece of mail featuring a personalized message directly from you. We make post cards, letters, and we even take custom requests. We want every serving military member to feel the overwhelming joy and flood of hope that we all got every time we opened a piece of mail from back home.


Sure, emails and video chats are nice, but you can't fold video chats up and shove them in your pockets or stow them in your helmet. Sure, you may have a phone or a tablet with you, but those can lose charge while on-mission and honestly just aren't the same. Good old fashioned paper will give your service member the ability to physically carry sentiments from home around with them; allowing them to pull them out and read them when they have natural breaks throughout the day.

Have more questions? Click the FAQ link below and see some commonly asked questions and our answers to them. Thanks!

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Curious to know more about Penned Down? Want to hear some great stories from the troops? Want to tell us what we can do better? Drop us a line at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and let us hear from you!

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