Frequently asked questions

Is my information or my custom content going to be shared with anyone?

Penned Down will never give out your personal information or custom content without your express consent; not ever. We just don't believe your thoughts, sentiments, or custom content should be shared on our behalf without your full permission and cooperation. Should Penned Down ever wish to share any custom content you create or have us transcribe (for example; a Facebook post or use of a photo), we will always make very certain that you are ok with it! Otherwise, your personal information and custom content remain under lock and key.

How long does it take for my item(s) to arrive?

Almost all of the calligraphic art (including letters and postcards) we create generally takes 1-5 business days to make based on the calligraphers' scheduling and project complexity. Delivery times vary depending on the size, amount of content, and weight of a piece. Here are a couple notes regarding delivery times:

  • If your item is a larger publication, document, or custom request, it will likely take a few extra days to complete. Let's face it, a full length copy of the Declaration of Independence takes much longer to calligraph than a postcard to your friend. That being said, we're pretty efficient! Simply expect a few more days to be added to both the creation time and transit time for your item. Don't forget that we'll stay in touch with you via email so you're never worried about the status of your project!
  • We do try our best to fulfill orders in the order in which they are received. However, there are certain exceptions such as letters from Santa around Christmas time or longer custom projects that may take some extra time to complete. In any case, we logically organize our workload to be as efficient as possible while never sacrificing quality!

Can I return my mail?

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of our products, we are unable to refund or accept the return of any item(s) you may order. Once a calligraphic piece has been started, it is very unlikely that it can be reversed, erased, or altered to fit another customer. It's for this reason that our no refund/return policy is in place. We appreciate your understanding. All that being said, if you notice an error on your item, receive the wrong item, or just have a general issue with the item itself, email us right away at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and we'll do whatever we can to make it right!

Can I order multiple pieces of mail at once?

You sure can! Be mindful that your order's delivery time may be extended slightly if you order multiple items, but our process runs very efficiently so it shouldn't be too long of a wait. All orders containing multiple items being sent to the same address will be packaged and mailed as a group. Items being mailed to separate addresses will always be packaged separately.

Why aren't there more scripts, fonts, hands, etc.?

We offer limited scripts for a few reasons. 1. Our product designs are of a unique and vintage nature. We believe the styles that best serve our designs are certain cursive scripts, gothic style scripts, and a more ornate look with what we call "tails." 2. We feel it's important to make sure there is a great amount of consistency between items before adopting several new scripts at one time. Adding too many scripts too fast dilutes the finished product and tends to not look as good. 3. Scripts do take time for calligraphers to learn well. This learning involves hours and hours of practice. We certainly don't mind practicing, but anything new won't be done perfectly right away. All that being said, don't worry! We do plan on adding more scripts in the future. In the long run, we want to offer customers as many customization options as possible on the items we provide! If you DO have a specific request for a certain type of script and don't mind waiting a few extra days, we'll learn it and send you a proof of the item before we send it off to make sure you're satisfied!

What if I live outside the U.S.?

While we are definitely an American company, we have no problem sending you something no matter where you are! Obviously delivery may take a bit longer, but don't let living in a different country stop you from getting a quality piece of art that you can keep forever! We'll make it happen!

The prices seem to be too much/not enough?

Answer for "Too much:" Penned Down's pricing is based on several factors. We want our products to be as accessible by as many people as possible while balancing artist compensation and supply costs. Creating, packaging, and shipping our items around the U.S. and the world does require a cost, but we do all we can to keep that cost as low as possible. Answer for "Too little:" Much like our previous answer, our products are not just a source of profit. Sure, we could probably charge more for some things, but every time we do that we make the items we create that much more inaccessible to those who may really want them and deserve them. Our goal is for customers to receive a great piece of calligraphic art. We compensate ourselves fairly for the work, but we're more about that look on your face when you receive something rather than being overly paid for it! Lastly, we make an effort to partner with charities and non-profit groups that give back to various communities. This is something we can do more often if we maintain a fair price on our products.

Are you a postal service?

We are not a postal carrier. We just don't look as good in the uniforms... We only specialize in calligraphy projects. We do not ship or mail goods as a third party postal carrier.

Do you take custom requests/orders?

We sure do! Simply email us at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com or visit the "Custom Requests" page to let us know what you're interested in having made, and we'll come up with a plan to make it! The more information you can provide the better so please be specific about what exactly you're looking for, how it should be laid out, etc. If you're not sure of these things though, we're happy to help! The other thing that helps us quite a bit is sending us a MSWord or PDF document to use as a guide while making your item. Don't be afraid to be specific; we take direction well! Once we determine the details of the project such as a fair price and a timeframe, we'll email you a price quote which you can accept; ultimately leading to an invoice that can be paid which will trigger work on your project!