Customer Care

Penned Down is all about providing you wonderful sentiments in the form of letters and cards as well as decorative and artistic pieces to send as gifts or decorate any of the spaces you occupy. In order to do that, we really need to be in touch with what it is that you're looking for in every piece. We're not in the business of sending you something bland, dull, or half-handed and then calling it art. It's important to us that we're making what you envision and have a great experience with us at the same time. 

Privacy & Safety

Penned Down will absolutely never release, sell, or otherwise allow your personal or identifying information to fall into the wrong hands. We believe your information is a sacred thing that should be protected. Our calligraphers will never share any content or information you share with us without your express permission. 

Shipping and Returns

Due to the custom nature of Penned Down's products, we simply cannot not offer returns or refunds. All sales are final. HOWEVER, should your item be lost in transit or be incorrect in some way, we will absolutely make it right and send you another one! We'll do whatever we can to make it right.

Penned Down is committed to ship all products in protective packaging appropriate to their size and weight; keeping them protected in transit. Due to the variety of products Penned Down offers, there are several different methods we use to ensure that your calligraphed art pieces are sent to you safely with the best chance of arriving undamaged. 


It should be noted that APO/FPO (military) addresses are still considered U.S. mail as far as postage is concerned. If mailing to a military address stateside or overseas, all mail is still sent to the appropriate military base via domestic delivery first. Any mail headed overseas is then sent via military transport according to their APO/FPO designation. 

Copyright Policy

As much as we would love to write literally anything that you want us to, we will always respect intellectually protected and owned property. We're not about breaking the rules and infringing on others' trademark and copyrights. That being said, there are definitely some things that we are 100% allowed to transcribe or create for you! Here are the best guidelines we can give you:

  • It should go without saying that any verbiage that you create yourself or come up with on your own is absolutely fine to include in letters, postcards, or any of Penned Down's products. 

  • ANY literature, speeches, quotes, passages, texts, verses, songs, creeds, anthems, pledges, etc. that were created BEFORE 1923 are fair game for any of our products as well.

  • If, at any time, Penned Down is unsure whether or not your requested message or customization is in danger of copyright or trademark infringement, we will absolutely let you know right away and work with you to accomplish your goal while obeying copyright law. We will NOT just cancel your order and send you packing; that wouldn't be right now would it!?

  • As a general guideline, things like song lyrics, direct quotes, books, movies, etc. are not usually allowed. That being said, please don't let your heart sink too much as we can work with you to find a solution!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments