Want to send an awesome looking hand written letter to your troop? Want it to be in that fancy type of writing from the colonial era of America when things like the Boston Tea Party and the revolution happened? We got you covered! For all handwritten letters Just follow these simple instructions:


1. Select your options to the right.

2. Ensure you have the "Delivery Information" entered as well.

3. Add the letter to your cart or "Mail Bag." 

4. Head to the check out page.

5. Send me an email at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com with the following info:

                 - Your Order Number (You should receive an email a few minutes after placing your order)

                 - The full text you would like to have in your letter (1300 character limit). Feel free to type your letter into a word processing program like Microsoft Word  and just attach it to the email as a document; whatever is more convenient for you!

                 - *Once you send the email, I'll send you a personalized response to let you know that we've received your order. I'll get started on it right away and get it in the mail for ya!*




  • PROOFREADING: I do offer a proofreading service for basic grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors. However, I know there may be some inside jokes and things of that nature that you may want to be left "as-is." In that case, simply opt-out of proofreading by selecting the second option in the drop-down menu.


  • DESTINATION PREFERENCE: Some customers prefer to have their mail sent back to them before it is sent to their service member in order to place personal items in them such as photographs, charms, perfume/cologne sprays, etc. If you wish for your mail and its sealing supplies (self-adhesive wax seal, tissue paper, and twine) to be returned to you before sending it to your service member, please select the appropriate drop-down option in this box. You'll have a chance to input all of the recipient's (or your own) information in a later option.


  • INK COLOR: This option will allow you to choose which color ink you want the calligraphy on your mail to be written in. The inks we use are of good quality and dry efficiently. However, they are NOT waterproof. By the way, if you're unsure what "sepia" is, it is simply a golden-brownish ink with a slight coppery tint to it. It provides a more vintage look!


  • SCRIPT STYLE: This option lets you choose the type of script calligraphy your mail will have. While I am trying to add more scripts as much as possible, I currently specialize in two very attractive scripts at the moment that I feel fit the theme of my products very well. Stay tuned for more designs and scripts in the future! *Please note that the cursive script we use is designed to emulate the faster writing that WWII era soldiers were accustomed to and is not designed to be wedding-style cursive. I feel it provides a touch of authenticity!*


  • PERSONALIZED MESSAGE: Here's the fun part! Write whatever you want to your service member! Not sure what to say? Here's a few tips!
    • Tell a joke
    • Tell a story from back home or from your childhood
    • Tell a military story of your own
    • Write a prayer that you frequently pray on their behalf
    • Give some encouraging words
    • Talk about what you'd like to do for fun the next time you see them
      • *Any of these, and many more, work. Just remember it doesn't have to be perfect when it's from the heart as most of the time that's what makes it perfect!*
  • There's only a few rules about your message. See those here.


DELIVERY INFORMATION: This field allows you to place the name and address information (also rank if you wish to do so) for the recipient. As mentioned earlier, if the mail is being sent back to you first, please ensure you input your own address in this field. If not, place your service member's name (nicknames are fine!) and address using the following format:

  • TO: "Your service member's name/nickname" FROM: "Your name" DELIVERY ADDRESS: "Delivery address here"
    • If sending cards to a deployed service member, please have them communicate to you their unit's specific rules/guidelines for mail.
    • As a reminder, all names, addresses, statements, and personal message content are protected from view to anyone but the calligrapher preparing your mail. Your information nor your service member's information (including address for OPSEC) will ever be shared!
    • For more information on military addresses, follow this link to the USPS' guidelines for addressing military mail:


    Have more questions? Visit our F.A.Q. section or send us an email at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and we'll answer them as best we can! 


    Hand-Written Letter

    • Due to the custom nature of Penned Down's calligraphy services, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us to let us know what we can do to improve our services or make it right!

    • Please allow 1-5 business days for the creation of your card(s). Cards will be shipped via USPS the same day they are created or the following day.

      Orders placed after 1700 (5:00 p.m.) CST (Central Standard Time) will still be received by Penned Down, but will only be started as early as the following business day.

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