Tis' the season to send letters to the master elf himself! How cool would it be if your kiddo or someone you know could get a hand-calligraphed letter from Santa Claus!? We all know Santa is busy this time of year making toys, checking the naughty/nice list, and keeping tabs on all the elves, BUT, Santa still has time to write your youngster or someone you know a letter! They look really good too! You can personalize what the letter will say, or just have Santa write a letter using the message shown in the pictures above. 


That's not all though! Santa sometimes relies on technology to keep an eye out for how kiddos of the world behave throughout the year and right before Christmas! Every letter comes with a "Santa Cam" ornament to hang on your tree at no additional cost! Let the kiddos know that Santa is watching. . .

*The ornament is NOT a real camera, contains no electronics, and contains a basic fake camera lens. This item is for fun and is not intended to work as a camera in any way.*


Letters from Santa can be in high demand toward the end of the year so order yours sooner rather than later! We recommend getting your letter ordered before Dec. 15th to ensure that it will reach its destination if your goal is to have it before Christmas morning. We recommend that your letter arrive a 2-3 weeks before Christmas to build some "Santa hype" for your young ones. However, we also think it's really fun for Santa to leave a letter behind once he's dropped off the toys!


*All letters and ornaments ship at the same time, but in separate packaging. If any part of your order gets lost or is missing, please contact us right away at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com*


*Need some help with the options to the right? We got you covered!*


  • INK COLOR: This option will allow you to choose which color ink you want the calligraphy on the item to be calligraphed in. The inks we use are of good quality and dry efficiently. However, they are NOT waterproof. By the way, if you're unsure what "sepia" is, it is simply a golden-brownish ink with a slight coppery tint to it. It provides a more vintage look!


  • PROOFREADING: We do offer a proofreading service for basic grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors. However, we know there may be some inside jokes and things of that nature that you may want to be left "as-is." In that case, simply opt-out of proofreading by selecting the "No" option in the drop-down menu.


If you have any questions about the letters, need to provide us information you couldn't fit in the text fields, the ordering process, or have any difficulty whatsoever, please email us at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and we'll get you the help you need!

Letter From Santa w/ Free Santa Cam!

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  • Due to the custom nature of Penned Down's products, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final. HOWEVER, should your item be lost in transit or be incorrect in some way, we will absolutely make it right and send you another one! We'll do whatever we can to make it right.

    Penned Down is committed to ship all products in protective packaging appropriate to their size and weight. Due to the variety of products Penned Down offers, there are several different methods we use to ensure that your calligraphed art pieces are sent to you safely with the best chance of arriving undamaged. 

    It should be noted that APO/FPO (military) addresses are still considered U.S. mail as far as postage is concerned. If mailing to a military address stateside or overseas, all mail is still sent to the appropriate military base via domestic delivery first. Any mail headed overseas is then sent via military transport according to their APO/FPO designation.