Being vets ourselves, we understand the sacrifice and the service the men of our armed forces put in every single day to make sure we have the freedoms we all love and enjoy! Send this sentiment along and brighten someone's day!


All postcards come wrapped with their own envelope, a wax seal, and are wrapped in twine for that vintage looked. All of that gets put in a plastic bag which is then put in a rigid mailing envelope to keep them safe in transit. Yeah, you could say we care about your cards :)


*Need some help with the options to the right? We got you covered!*


  • INK COLOR: This option will allow you to choose which color ink you want the calligraphy on the item to be calligraphed in. The inks we use are of good quality and dry efficiently. However, they are NOT waterproof. By the way, if you're unsure what "sepia" is, it is simply a golden-brownish ink with a slight coppery tint to it. It provides a more vintage look!


  • PROOFREADING: Not the best writer? That's ok! We can proofread your card for basic grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors if you'd like us to. However, we also realize there may be some inside jokes and things of that nature that you may want to be left "as-is." In that case, simply opt-out of proofreading by selecting the "No" option in the drop-down menu.


  • SEALED OR UNSEALED: Some customers prefer to have their item sent back to them before it is sent to the final recipient in order to place personal items in the envelope such as photographs, charms, perfume/cologne sprays, etc. If you wish for your item and its sealing supplies (self-adhesive wax seal, tissue paper, and twine) to be returned to you before sending the item to the recipient, simply select the "unsealed" option in the drop-down menu.


  • SCRIPT STYLE: This option lets you choose the type of calligraphy your item will have. While we are adding more scripts as much as possible, our calligraphers specialize in three very attractive scripts at the moment that we feel fit the theme of our items very well. Stay tuned for more designs and scripts in the future! If you do have a specific type of script or look that you're going for, email us at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and, with a little extra time, we can make it happen!


  • PERSONALIZED MESSAGE: Here's the fun part! Write whatever you want to your recipient! Not sure what to say with the space available? Here's a few tips!
    • Talk about your travels if you are, in fact, traveling at the time you're sending the card
    • Tell a joke
    • Tell a story from back home or childhood
    • Tell a funny story of your own
    • Write a prayer that you frequently pray on their behalf
    • Give some encouraging words
    • Talk about what you'd like to do for fun the next time you see them


*Any of these, and many more, work. Just remember it doesn't have to be perfect when it's from the heart as most of the time that's what makes it perfect in the first place!*


  • We only have a few rules about your message. Some of these seem a bit odd to mention, but we follow the rules here at Penned Down. Don't worry, if your message is found to contain something prohibited, we'll reach out to you about revising it. We won't just cancel your order right away:

    *Penned Down will not knowingly transcribe any messages containing direct incitements or encouragements of violence in any way (Jokes are fine. We know the difference).

    *Penned Down will not knowingly transcribe any messages containing conspiracies to commit any crime(s) whatsoever. Crime is bad. Don't do crime...

    *Penned Down is legally prohibited from commercially duplicating, and therefore transcribing/calligraphing, any messages containing any direct quotes, statements, speeches, etc. that fall under intellectual property rights (generally those made after 1923, i.e famous poems, song lyrics, movie quotes, etc.). That being said, it's fine to mention or use those things in the message as long as that's not the only thing on the item. Speech prior to 1923 IS permitted (i.e, an excerpt from the Gettysburg Address, U.S. Constituion, Declaration of Independence, Bible verses, etc.). Anything after 1923 will need to be verified. If your message is found to contain intellectually protected material, Penned Down reserves the right to modify (with your approval) or cancel the message at our discretion. In that instance, however, we will make every effort to contact you via email regarding your message for revision. Simply reply to our email with your order # and revised message if asked to do so.


DELIVERY INFORMATION: This field allows you to place the name and address information for the recipient. If the item is being sent back to you ,  just input your own address in this field.  Here's the basic info we need:

  • To/From
  • Recipient's Address or your address
  • Return address if you wish to add one (not required)


    Have more questions? Visit our F.A.Q. section or send us an email at patriotcalligrapher@penneddown.com and we'll answer them as best we can! 

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