Penned Down will ship all cards individually in their own packaging. However, any orders that contain multiple cards will always have those cards sent out together or on the same day. This gives the cards the best chance of arriving to their destination at the same time. While it may seem inefficient to package each card individually, we believe each card should be its own. This also ensures a consistent postage rate. 

Penned Down ships cards with the following packaging: All cards are given their own envelope which is then wax sealed (or the self-adhesive wax seal can be included inside the packaging of the card if it is being sent back to the customer and not to the service member). That envelope is then wrapped in a traditional velum-type wrapping followed by a 4-side traditional twine wrapping which includes a "flag" card that will be included on the twine. All of this is then placed into a cellophane bag which is then placed into a stay-flat envelope. The envelope is then given an address label and postage. The card(s) is then sent via USPS mail where it will reach its destination a few days later. 

It should be noted that APO/FPO addresses are still considered U.S. mail as far as postage is concerned. Once mailed, the cards are sent to the appropriate military base for overseas shipping according to their APO/FPO designation. The cards are then sent via military transport to the area of operation they will be delivered to which can take approximately two to three weeks.


Unfortunately, due to the custom and personalized nature of Penned Down's cards, we do not offer return or exchange services. Once a calligrapher begins writing a card, it is highly unlikely that the card can be reused or recycled in any way. However, if you do wish to cancel your order, we will be happy to do so if the card has not been created. Simply email us! We check all cancellation emails each day before beginning cards.

All cards will be transcribed exactly according to your message and are sold "as-is" once created. That being said, we do offer a proofreading service at no additional cost to you. We will proofread common grammatical and spelling errors if you wish for us to do so. However, if you want your card to be created with the message exactly as you have written it (or if you simply don't select the proofread option), we will not proofread your card. We understand that there may be inside jokes or purposefully misspelled words, and we don't want to intrude on the fun! 

Should your service member's card get lost in the mail or destroyed by accident on its way to its destination (meaning that we are able to confirm via tracking information that the card was never delivered), Penned Down will be happy to reproduce the card at no additional cost to you. Things do happen, and no piece of mail is ever 100% guaranteed to reach its final destination safely. It's our promise that we will do whatever we can to make it right.

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