Penned Down is a veteran-owned/operated company that understands fully the trials a service member and their family will undoubtedly go through starting with basic training all the way through challenging training environments and combat deployments. Even retirement can be an emotional time as well. We understand that you are looking for something special to send your troop when they're in dire need of hope or just positive thoughts. That's why it's our promise to you that we'll do everything we can to produce the highest quality piece of mail we can for your service member. We want them to open it and feel that flood of joy we all felt when getting mail from loved ones!

We also ask for your patience at certain times throughout the year (Christmas for example) as we may be receiving large amounts of orders. While we work hard, calligraphy is an art form that does take time if quality is to be ensured. That being said, you have our word that you'll never have to wait a moment longer than necessary for your card to be created and sent off!


Due to the personalized and custom nature of our cards, we do not offer the sale of blank media or cards as a service. We wish to keep the cards eccentric, unique, and high quality. However in the future , we will be exploring the possibility of selling merchandise such as personalized calligraphy supplies, t-shirts, bags, card boxes, etc. Please stay tuned for news on those products!


One concern we imagine you might have is whether or not your messages, thoughts, sentiments, sayings, etc. will be read by anyone but your service member or your assigned calligrapher. We are absolutely committed to make sure that does not happen. As veterans, we understand the importance of information security (INFOSEC) and take every measure necessary to maintain your privacy. We are all stoic advocates of our 1st amendment right to free speech as Americans, and we will protect that right for you as well!

That being said, one exception to this rule would be the observance of specific types of speech in your writing. Quite simply put, any speech that obviously incites violence in any way or is indicative of a conspiracy to commit any crime will be reported to the proper authorities. We know the difference between a joke and breaking the law. Any orders for cards purchased under these circumstances will be cancelled immediately with no refund issued.


However, If we are simply unsure of the circumstances surrounding your message(s), we will contact you to specify your intentions or provide you with an alternate message to be written in place of your original. Penned Down reserves the right to refuse service to anyone in the presence of legally questionable circumstances.

Please understand that these policies are in place for a reason. Although the aforementioned circumstances are very unlikely to occur, protection of rights and others is a big part of what we're about here! Thank you for your understanding!


Penned Down is committed to protecting intellectual property in all aspects of how we conduct business. For this reason, Penned Down will not transcribe messages or manufacture/deliver cards that contain protected intellectual property. This includes all noteworthy/well-known speeches, quotes, poems, literary works, movies lines, etc. produced after 1923. Penned Down will conduct necessary research to determine if copyrighted or protected intellectual material is at risk by using it in our cards. 


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